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Github organization

Become a member of our Github organization, then you can upload your project files or save wiki edits directly. Send your Github user name to Christian if you haven't already answered the question in the RSVP question on

Website / Wiki

This website is generated from Markdown files in the wiki repository in our Github organization. By clicking the "history" or "edit" links near the top right corner of each page of this website you are directed to that repository. If you're not a member of the Github organization yet, then Github lets you save to a fork and then send a pull request, which is fine, too (Christian will merge the change).

The website updates automatically every 10 minutes. You can also trigger a sync from Github immediately by pressing the sync button (top right corner of the page, updates all pages at once).

You can also create new pages, they will automatically appear in the navigation bar shown on the website (in a pretty random position, though, ask Christian to nail down the position in the configuration).

You can git clone to work on it locally, then push your changes. Many editors have Markdown editing modes and there are some local Markdown previewers.