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Past Events

Here are the past announcements of our events as well as minutes / wrap up texts.

Monday October 16 2017: Rust learning and hacking evening #4



(by Christian)

We were planning to do (stripped-down) video conferencing with the Rome group, but I couldn't get enough time to finally install another laptop so that I could do Rust coding while the other laptop is hooked up to the PA, and I was late to the event location while Rome were starting half an hour earlier, so I cancelled the conferencing. Enrico/Claudio from Rome said they had some problems setting up, so, good match. We will be doing conferencing again another time.

This time I had asked for the tables in "cabaret" configuration, how Skills Matter calls it, in advance. Because I also had said that we were going to do video conferencing, Skills Matter set us up with a laptop with Hangouts and microphone/PA ready to go (looks like they added this as a new capability versus two months ago) (so ironically I could actually have gone forward with the conferencing).

Attendants trickled in later than usual, by about 6:45 we were mostly complete. We had (20+7, -4 overlapping =) 23 registrations and I was estimating 12-18 people to come, 11 actually came.

Again the projects list seems a bit pointless: Emanuel was the only attendant present with a project on the list. I asked everybody in the round about what they are working on, which works well with so few participants. I decided not to make an effort to put the projects onto the list after the fact. Since I couldn't see any obvious way to allocate the attendants onto two table groups I suggested to move two table groups together and see whether it would be going too noisy. Given that this room had carpet and thus less echo, and 2 (later 4) newbies working on basic stuff moved to another table group, that probably worked well.

I was working with a couple guys a bit on the book contents but mostly with the help of others managed to successfully install Visual Studio with the RLS plugin/toolchain on my laptop.

Jasper again cared about getting us some food. Thanks Jasper!

Monday September 18 2017: Rust learning and hacking evening #3


Please register with our host Skills Matter here. This event is also on


(by Christian)

Originally we were allocated a room with tables in a class room configuration (everybody looking to the front), perhaps because I didn't specify our needs explicitly this time, so I asked whether this could be changed and thankfully Skills Matter gave us a meeting style room instead. This room was worryingly small though and in fact we used up every single chair (17 people, of the 24 RSVPs and 14 registrations at skills matter (of which 5 shared)). I'll make our needs clear in advance next time.

Interestingly, on this evening we had many attendants who had not come before (not even a talk event), it was about half new people and half previous attendants.

This time nobody submitted a new project, I guess I should stop trying to keep an always-up-to-date list, and instead just aim to maintain one single list regardless of whether project leaders come in for the next event or not. I'm also not sure how many projects had contributors so far, it seems people mostly work on their own but use the event to chat about what they are doing?

I mostly let the event run by itself this time. Partially because of that, this was the first meeting where I really got around learning new stuff myself (other than just caring about the organization). I had a pretty great time.

Jasper confirmed with Skills Matter that it's OK to eat our own food, and ordered a couple pizzas and other food on his own initiative since nobody came forward and I didn't lead this properly. Thanks, Jasper! Sadly he ended up taking most food home with him. I think next time we should make a short list of suggestions for ordering including their price and ask for a show-hands for each of them before placing the order. Anyone else interested in handling this?

Again everybody seems to have been happy, in spite of me not really knowing what I'm doing. But perhaps that's an illusion, please tell if anything didn't work as you had hoped!

Thursday August 31 2017: Rust learning and hacking evening #2

This was an event shared with the groups in Cambridge and Rome, see here.

Monday January 30 2017: Rust learning and hacking evening #1


Monday January 30 at 6:30/7 PM at CodeNode, 10 South Place, London, EC2M 7EB.

We will meet up from 6:30 PM for socializing and preparing and will start the official activities at 7 PM. We'll have to leave the space around 9:30 PM (so we don't have much time, really!)

The learning group will go through the chapters "Getting started" and as much of "Tutorial: Guessing Game" as we manage (except if everybody is further ahead already and we decide to jump forward). Christian will offer access to a server with Rust already installed for those who don't have it working on their own machine.

The attendants wanting to work on team projects will hold and listen to pitches on which projects they would like to or could work on and why those are suited, will build the teams, then start work.

Join the discussion on the Rust London User Group meetup event page, and please register for the event at Skills Matter's event page.


(by Christian)

We had 62 final RSVPs on (after reaching up to 76(?) of the 80 places), 35 registrations on Skills Matter (of which 12 don't have usernames resembling users on, thus max 12 additional registrations (although guests on count as RSVPs there but aren't listed, and for one registration the corresponding RSVP was cancelled)), and 42 actual attendants on the evening.

I arrived late at 6:36 (sorry again about that, preparations had taken a lot of time in the 2 weeks prior, and I was scrambling to get the last steps done before arriving). Skills Matter gave us a different room than planned, probably because they had only 35 registrations (versus the 60+ RSVPs on that I told them about when asking for the room), most attendants had already arrived. Originally we were allocated the tables in the hall and socializing there would have been very natural, I hadn't thought about how this would change when we were given a room instead. Seems you all weren't all too bored though, while I was hooking up a Raspberry Pi since there were only digital connectors for the presentation and my Laptop has only VGA.