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Projects of the London group



Send Christian an email with project name, project/Github URL or what the project is about, and whether you are the project initiator, and what name and email address you'd like to have published if not those from your "From" address. (Alternatively add it yourself, see Github.)

See project ideas for more ideas which may not have any takers yet.

Also note the Rome and Cambridge project pages.


We're here for learning, and that means that we can get stuck. Help us get unstuck by mentoring! By volunteering as an official contact during the evening you can enjoy the feeling of helping others, test your knowledge (remember, you only understand something fully once you've been teaching it to others!), and get good karma! You can still work on your own things when there are no questions, and you don't need to do it again in the future. Just hang out in our IRC channel, and people with unsolved questions will ask them there. Add your IRC nickname to the list below so that questioners can "ping" you.

Mentors on previous meetups: